RACIONAIS Mc’s - World Tour - New Jersey

16 july 2022
 Ritz Theatre & Performing Arts Center - 1148 E Jersey St, Elizabeth, NJ 07201 - New Jersey/NJ


Racionais Mc’s, one of the biggest rap groups of Brazil, will arrive in the US for a tour in celebration of their 33rd anniversary.

Mano Brown, Ice Blue, KL Jay, Edi Rock and all their team invite you to join them on their premiere party in Manhattan, NY.

The venue location will be restricted to only those who buy the tickets, there will be 150 tickets available for guests.

The tickets will include full access to the event, a tour t-shirt and a cap.
The cocktail menu will be listed on the tour’s official website.

DJ KL Jay, DJ Ajamur and DJ Will will be playing at the event. It will be an encounter between generations.
No doubt that the privileged people at this party will be part of a unique moment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this historic event. The best is yet to come.

For more information, please visit the official website: www.racionaisworldtour.com

General Information

Parental Rating: 18

Doors Open 9pm

Drinks for over 21 years



Racionais World Tour 2022 Racionais MC’s celebrate 33 years with US tour As concerts start to come back around the world and following the Covid -19 protocols the biggest rap group in Brazil Racionais MCs members Mano Brown, Edi Rock, KL Jay and Ice Blue announce their "Racionais World Tour 2022" to celebrate their 33 year anniversary. They have 5 concerts scheduled in the US in July 2022 in the states of New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Florida. According to the team of companies responsible for the tour’s publicity, the information about dates and location will be released soon. Concert tickets will be available on the tour’s official website only (www.racionaisworldtour.com). Since their start in the 80’s, The Racionais Mc’s were always relevant for communities. The group always had the goal to use their music to raise awareness of the racism, crime and violence that black and poor teens face in the hoods. They wanted to help them fight for their rights and against discrimination. For the rappers the US Tour will be an incredible achievement to celebrate 33 years together, as friends, as a family, as brothers. They will bring all that history to the stage as a gift for their fans. “For us it will be very special, amazing, and unique. A must-see”. Edi Rock. “We haven’t played in the US in 15 years. This will be a new experience for us, especially because of the recognition of the American audience that enjoy our music”. Mano Brown. Lately has been a wave of American YouTube channels reacting to Racionais MC’s music videos. Some videos reached the incredible mark of 1.8million views. There has been many compliments on the group’s bars and beats. The youtubers pointed out that the issues that black people and inmates face in Brazil and in America are very similar and that listening and understand the Racionais Mc’s work was a strong and deep experience. Besides the “Racionais Mc’s World Tour” in July 2022, next Fall the group will release a documentary about their history on Netflix, plus they are confirmed on Rock in Rio’s line-up. The tour management is a partnership between the WshowUSA and MJ-Production.
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